100-ish Days of Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo
June 1 – August 31, 2022

July 28, 2022, Chapters 73-76 (to be read July 27-29)

Next post: August 1, 2022, Chapters 77-81 (to be read July 30-August 2)

Revelations… Dreadful revelations throughout the chapters under consideration…

And since the chapters are quite long – I will post a short comment today!!!

Maximilian and Valentine reach an understanding – but how will they circumvent the will of her family?! The conversation Maximilian overhears in the garden is stunning – a poisoner in the home of the Royal Prosecutor… But who?!?!?!

Maximilian’s meeting with Noirtier is fateful – and Noirtier knows just what to do to prevent Valentine’s marriage to Franz d’Épinay – and the reading of the eyewitness report of the 1815 duel between Noirtier and Franz d’Épinay’s father is a shocker – Franz is confronted with the murderer of his father – a paralyzed invalid at this point whom he can’t challenge to a duel – no marriage contact is possible under these circumstances… Valentine is free!!! But living in a house with a potential poisoner… Note that the doctor reveals to Villefort that he has been giving small doses of brucine to Noirtier for several months as a possible paralysis treatment – so there is poison around in the house… Oh dear…

And Andrea Cavalcanti is openly admitted in the Danglars family – are they trying to ditch Albert and marry Eugénie off to Cavalcanti?!?!?! But they are brother and sister – through their mother who had Andrea/Benedetto with Villefort!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Where is that handy chart of all the character connections that one of you posted a few weeks ago?!?!?! 😂😂😂

Albert is thrilled the Danglars family is ready to ditch him – he would much rather listen to the spellbinding tales of Haydée… which we will read in August!!!

33 days of the reading left!!! 40 chapters to go!!! Please note that Monte Cristo may be setting up catastrophic circumstances for all the characters – but they paved their way to this hell with their own actions throughout their lives…

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