Student Feedback and Testimonials

“The best professor I’ve had, hands down. She *very effectively* argues points of view that she disagrees with which makes you think about them in ways you wouldn’t normally. I’ve taken two classes with Anna and they are definitely the best classes in my four years at UIowa. She’s extremely passionate, which makes every class that much better.” (12/18/2015)

“Very lenient on papers and tests. wants the class to succeed. Very passionate about Russian culture.” (11/19/2015)

“Among the nicest professors. Very lenient and kind.” (12/11/2014)

“Anna is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. She keeps class interesting and you can really tell that she cares about her students and what she’s talking about. She also brings food to class occasionally, which is always a plus! If you have the opportunity to take a class with her, do it!” (07/30/2013)

“She will make you read and make you think, which is exactly what she is supposed to do. Anna Barker is dedicated to her work and actually appears to enjoy teaching. I can not recommend her highly enough.” (03/26/2013)

“I invited her to my wedding and wish she would adopt me. The woman is fantastic. I now find myself talking about Russian literature with old people. Any class with her will change your life for the better.” (12/15/2012)

“Professor Barker is incredible. Her dedication to her students, her material and her teaching is unparalled, and her enthusiasm make going to every (long) night class something to look forward to. Tolstoy/Dostoevsky might seem hard (because it is!) but taking that class was absolutely worth it. Dostoevsky forever!” (07/12/2012)

“Take Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Favorite class of all time and Iowa and many former students even sit on it again and again after they graduate. She’ll Give you the mind you’ve always wanted and love you for everything wrong that you do.” (11/17/2010)

“Coolest lady ever! love her class. he knows so much about so many things and explains everything really well. you can tell she likes her job and it makes her class really fun. shes awesome!” (12/03/2009)

“Great teacher…really enjoyed her class.” (04/08/2009)

“Interesting Prof. who integrated art, music, philosophy, literature, movies to present one great class.” (05/12/2009)

“Anna is great. She is so passionate about what she teaches and is extremely helpful. She gives the option of rewrites on homework papers for better grades, and is always available for questions or any help at all. Take a class with her, she’s great!!” (10/29/2008)

“AMAZING! So passionate about the text. Makes class extremely enjoyable! Plus she feels the need to bring food almost every class, who can pass that up.” (12/18/2007)

“Anna is the sweetest professor ever! Her passion for what she teaches really gets other students excited. She is extremely knowledgeable yet down to earth and is very understanding and helpful. If you get the chance to take a class with her – do it, you won’t regret it!” (02/27/2007)